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Frequently Asked Questions – Blockchain


What is a secret?

A secret is a twelve word long phrase. It is also known as the BIP39 standard. This is an example of a secret:

struggle chapter wolf goddess course sure stairs skate surround divert knee quick

From the secret the publicKey, privateKey and address can be calculated:

  "secret": "struggle chapter wolf goddess course sure stairs skate surround divert knee quick",
  "address": "G4GuH5FUgLe2xjhxqz4C6ECQcdCp8",
  "publicKey": "d0d12d87074296bf3819ce3bd296fb182d4646e9f5693dbaf0cb7338c3f5386f"

The secret in the GNY network is used to:

  • Access your funds
  • Initiate transactions
  • Activate Forging for Delegates

::: warning
Never disclose or share you secret with anyone. Be careful with which website you use your secret with. Always double check. Write the twelve word phrase onto a paper and keep it save.

Whats a multiaddr?

The multiaddr is part of the multiformats project, which itself is part of the libp2p universe and the ipfs universe.

A multiaddr describes a self-describing network address. Like:


Whats a p2pSecret?

The p2pSecret is used to identify a P2P node (on the P2P port) and encrypt the P2P communication.

  "id": "QmRHqTMqdtmomUu7rSnikhnFtKx3B1gaXzctvr2TtLLJmE",
  "privKey": "CAASqAkwggSkAgEAAoIBAQDCAwXZkfl...",

What is a Genesis Account?

A Genesis Account is the first Account on a Blockchain. In the GNY Blockchain the Genesis Account has initially 400 million GNY which are later distributed.

Down below you will find a random Genesis Account.

  "address": "G2v6VR3NG5fnb3DR8HgUzGi7zuSCA",
  "secret": "crystal post time quote satoshi baby fitness cabbage ozone assist purchase accuse",
  "publicKey": "f4ecc586bdb2e00dfa85cec479ca252989b41becbc0a6ca677a45619509440b9"

What are contracts?

Contracts are the only tools that can change the Blockchain. If you want to transfer GNY to another account, you will need to invoke a contract. You invoke a contract by broadcasting a Transaction. This is getting pretty technical. If you use the Wallet, the technical aspect is hidden behind the graphical user interface.

Here is a full list of all available contracts currently in the GNY Blockchain:

Contract Type Name Description Prize (GNY)
0 basic.transfer Transfer GNY from one account to another 0.1
1 basic.setUserName Set username for Account 5
2 basic.setSecondPassphrase Set secondPassPhrase for current Account 5
3 basic.lock Lock Account until specific Block height 0.1
4 Vote for a Delegate 0.1
5 basic.unvote Unvote Delegate 0.1
6 basic.unlock Unlock Account after lock Block height was reached 0
10 basic.registerDelegate Register Account as Delegate 100
100 uia.registerIssuer Register Account as Asset Issuer 100
101 uia.registerAsset Register an Asset 500
102 uia.issue Issue registered Asset 0.1
103 uia.transfer Transfer Asset to other Account 0.1

What is a Block period?

Every 10 seconds a Block is mined.

What is a network type?

There are three different network types:

  • mainnet is the production network
  • testnet is the network on which new features are first tested before they are deployed on the mainnet
  • localnet is the network used for develop on your local computer
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