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Where can you buy/trade GNY-ERC20 tokens?

UniSwap decentralised exchange. 


Then add the following GNY token contract and you are ready to trade:  0xb1f871ae9462f1b2c6826e88a7827e76f86751d4

​Or you can simply click the Uniswap icon above and be taken directly to the GNYerc20/ETH trading pair.

​You can easily check out the GNY-ERC20 token position on Uniswap with the dextools explorer.

SushiSwap decentralised exchange. 

Click on “Select a token”, then within the search box add the GNY token contract and you are ready to trade: 0xb1f871Ae9462F1b2C6826E88A7827e76f86751d4

​You also have the option to add the GNYerc20 token via the “lists” method which you will find detailed in our expansive SushiSwap trading announcement post.

1inch exchange.

This is an exchange aggregator whose aim is to connect exchanges in order to minimize slippage and find good prices. 


​If the GNY-ERC0 token does not immediately appear then simply click the + symbol to add custom token and input the GNY-ERC0 token contract which is  0xb1f871Ae9462F1b2C6826E88A7827e76f86751d4

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