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The GNY token formats

You can purchase GNY tokens in two different formats; GNY-ERC20 or GNY-BEP20.

Both tokens formats will have the ability to pass through GNY’s innovative Swapgate to convert them to GNY Mainnet tokens, enabling access to GNY’s ML utility, delegate voting etc. Mainnet tokens can also return through the GNY Swapgate and emerge as either GNY-ERC20 or GNY-BEP20 formats allowing you to trade on your preferred exchange eg. Uniswap, Pancakeswap etc. GNY’s Swapgate solution aims to offer you plenty of trading options.

All of these GNY swapgate conversions happen without inflating the overall existing GNY token count. Swaps are 1:1.

​You can see how the tokens sit within the GNY ecosystem and can flow through the GNY Swapgate in this informative diagram.

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