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Introducing: GNYi Rewards.

The team is proud to announce that the GNYi Reward System will be going live later this month.

What is GNYi?

GNYi is’s multifaceted rewards system that factors in various positive actions taken by GNY token holders and provides the holders bonuses for continually acting in a positive community focused manner. This is all powered by GNY’s Machine Learning engine. AI controlled rewards are a first for this space and set the community on a path of growth & rapid evolution.

What types of positive actions currently earn rewards?

  • The holding of either GNY ERC-20 or GNY BEP-20 tokens.
  • The addition of either GNY ERC-20 & GNY BEP-20 tokens to a wallet.

How to Participate

GNY ERC-20 token holders are required to bind their Metamask wallet to the GNY wallet in advance of the commencement of the GNYi rewards system. This is a digital “handshake” that initiates GNYi’s rewards calculations for that particular wallet.

This linked PDF file below features a step-by-step guide to binding your Metamask wallet to the GNY wallet.

You must do this before the 10 of May 2021 to receive maximum possible rewards. However you can bind at any time after that date and still begin to gain rewards.

The PDF file linked below features a step-by-step guide to binding your Metamask wallet to the GNY wallet.

Once you have completed all the binding steps you can confirm if your binding was successful by inputting your Metamask address into this Bind Check Tool.
Tutorial – Wallet binding for GNYi rewar.• 240KB

GNY BEP-20 token holders currently do not have to undergo any wallet binding steps to enroll in the GNYi rewards program. They simply need to hold their GNY BEP-20 tokens in their personal wallet.

How do I get my rewards?

GNYERC-20 token holder’s rewards will be automatically delivered to your bound GNY mainnet address. Once received, you can use your rewards to build your GNY stack, redeem for use on GNY’s Machine Learning services or to trade on pancakeswap or uniswap.

GNY BEP-20 token holder’s rewards will be delivered directly to your BSC address

Mastering GNYi!

GNYi rewards will evolve as the data surrounding GNY token holders and their actions grows and matures. You can expect new positive actions that attract rewards will be added over time. As GNY’s Co-founder, Cosmas Wong said in his 2019 HackerNoon interview “The people who succeed are the ones that train themselves to master the machine, and let the machine do all the heavy lifting”.

Will you be able to master the GNYi machine and Max out your rewards?

Helpful notes

You can purchase the GNY token as either an ERC-20 token or a BEP-20 token on PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

  • GNY ERC-20 contract code: 0xb1f871ae9462f1b2c6826e88a7827e76f86751d4
  • GNY BEP-20 contract code: 0xe4A4Ad6E0B773f47D28f548742a23eFD73798332

Full details on where to purchase/trade GNY tokens can be found here.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need any help please let the GNY team and community know via the GNY Telegram Channel.

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