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How to create a secret

Create Secret

::: warning
The generated secret should be kept safe and should be told to nobody. All digital assets are tied to this secret. If you loose this secret you will loose all your digital assets.

Don’t reuse this secret on differnet GNY networks (localnet, testnet, mainnet). You make yourself vulnerable to Replay attacks

::: tip
This secret (BIP39 standard) is used to access your funds on the GNY Blockhain and activates forging (if you are a delegate).


With CLI

First install the @gny/cli via npm:

npm install --global @gny/cli

Then execute the genaccount command:

gny-cli genaccount
? Enter number of accounts to generate 1

The result:

    "address": "G2iZ5kf5z8NnyoTV17b6rSNEYQYzA",
    "secret": "source express orange puppy spy...",
    "publicKey": "96ac2d8076bd2858d391d0e22dd63a4edc879a9447d0fe2f8a1d175e36f105c8"

::: tip
The secret is the key secret starting with: source express orange...

::: tip
In order to start forging you need to add your secret to your node configuration.

Visit run-node/configure for details

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